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Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am delighted and honoured to be here on this wonderful occasion that celebrates the friendship between our two countries.

I shall not claim to know a great deal about Tennis in the next couple of minutes.

However, I would like to speak about the power of sport.

Sports have always brought men and women together with effortless solidarity. In fact, this is one of the only platforms where after opposing sides have contended in breathless pursuit, the end is met with a gracious handshake.

Men and women have found themselves in the field. Whether it be Tennis, Cricket, Football or squash, there is a beauty in the undying spirit of an athlete and the character of the man or woman who emerges from the hours of practice, failure, practice, triumph.

And of course, sports brings friends together. They are the immeasurable joy for the rush of adrenaline, for the beauty of being part of a team. And while the losses may hit hard, it is the mere act of struggling in the mud together and fighting for hope which makes days like today so special.

Of course, the occasion tends to be even more special when the two countries are India and Bhutan.

Let me close my saying what a   delight it is  to be here today and what a pleasure it is indeed to open  this tournament. I look forward to all that is to come and wish both sides the very best of luck!

Thank you!

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