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Speech by Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj at the inauguration of the 60-bedded Jatshokha Hospital in Wangduephodrang on 16 June, 2019

There are days where it is difficult to believe in humanity. There are days where the mind is burdened with noise. We even question whether it’s worth it all: the intricate labyrinth of modern life, fractured by human cruelty yet so pristine and magnificent by our creation. It gets messy. We overthink, we over analyze, read for answers yet leave with more questions.

However, days like today are simple. They are authentic and warm, they are uncomplicated and kind. They are the moments of music amongst noise.

Honorable Health Minister Dechen Wangmo;
Distinguished Guests;
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, it is with great delight that the Health Minister of Bhutan and I inaugurate this hospital, a 60 bed institution, a gift from India and above all, an act of friendship.

Now, I would like all of us to undergo a thought experiment. Don’t worry, it’s nothing about cats and quantum physics. Imagine a world where suddenly, all power play has evaporated. Suddenly, money and pride and ego become irrelevant. The noise of the world ever so gingerly fades to silence. I ask you this: what are we left with?

Once chaos is removed, we are left with the essence. And this essence will be what our two countries share: an unspoken connection, subtle and powerful. This essence lies in our selfless acts, in our unwavering compassion: undemanding and infinite. This essence is simplicity, it is purpose rooted in support, it is the depth of trust itself.

India and Bhutan undoubtedly exemplify this notion: two countries bound by respect. It is my honour to introduce this hospital today. It is my honour to speak on behalf of India in Bhutan. It is my honour to do something so honest,so beautiful, so simple.

Thank you.

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