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Corrigendum dated 18 September 2020 to the Social Media...
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Embassy of India


(Administration Wing)

18 September 2020




1. A tender inviting bids under two bid system was launched on Embassy’ Website and CPP Portal for providing social media management services with the last date of submission of tender as Monday, 21st September 2020.

2. In view of the difficulties faced by Indian bidders, a pragmatic solution have been evolved with extension of last date by 2 (two days).:-

(i) Earnest Money deposit of Nu/Rs. 50,000/- may be deposited in Embassy’s Bank Account (Account details would be provided on request of prospective bidders with their ID/registration proof)

(ii) The bidders may send their technical and financial bids through e-mail (at adm.thimphu@mea.gov.in copied to hoc.thimphu@mea.gov.in) which would be encrypted, password protected and digitally signed. It must reach to the inbox of above e-mail IDs before the last date and cut off time. Subsequently, the password should be shared an hour before bid opening time. Bidders adopting this digital method should develop a system which notifies them the exact time when the bid is opened.

(iii) The physical sealed bids will also be accepted as per the original tender documents.

(iv) The crucial dates/time have been revised as:-

(a) Last date of submission 23/09/2020 (14:00 hrs IST)

(b) Opening of (Technical) bids 23/09/2020 (16:00 hrs IST)

3. If there are any queries regarding the tender, please send an e-mail message to adm.thimphu@mea.gov.in and edu.thimphu@mea.gov.in.

Tel. No. +975-02-322291

(Sameer D. Akolkar)

Head of Chancery

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