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Letter of Solidarity to the people of India through the Embassy of India to Bhutan

“As India and her people are confronted with a second wave of the COVID-19, we, the Jigme Singye School of Law family (JSW Law) wish to offer our heartfelt prayers. India is burdened with an unprecedented crisis with widespread human, social, and economic ramifications. COVID-19 is truly a test for all countries and we offer our deepest condolences to the families and people who have already suffered the loss or illness to their dear ones.

India is not only a good neighbor to Bhutan but a dear friend of the JSW Law. Beyond being a benefactor, the strong ties with Indian institutions and personal connections that have been formed make it even more compelling that we do something at this juncture. Although we are not in a position to provide any financial or physical assistance, we decided to reach out to the people of India through the Embassy of India to Bhutan to offer strong solidarity and deep prayers.

As a close friend & neighbour, we are with the people of India during this difficult time, and confident that India will overcome this with strength and fortitude. As a small measure of our solidarity, we would like to share a short video - evidence of our sincere prayers for seeking heavenly interventions to help India in overcoming this situation. We are confident about India’ strength and fortitude to win this war against the invisible enemy. The JSW Law Family is very confident that our prayers will help Indi win this war at the earliest.”

Jigme Singye Wangchuck School of Law


Watch the video message of solidarity here:

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