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Third Edition of the 'Bharat Ko Janiye' Quiz launched by...
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Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz


The idea to launch an online Quiz competition, aptly named “Bharat Ko Janiye” to enhance spread of knowledge about India, came from the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi during his address at the the 13th Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas Convention held on 8 January 2015 in Gandhinagar. The principal objective behind introduction of the Quiz contest was to generate interest amongst the young Indian diaspora and overseas Indians so that their cultural and knowledge connect with India was maintained even while residing abroad.

1st & 2nd Editions of the Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz

  1. In pursuance of PM’s announcement, the Ministry of External Affairs organized the 1st edition of Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz for young overseas Indians (two categories i.e. PIOs and NRIs) in the age group of 18-35 years in 2015-16. The 2nd edition of 'Bharat Ko Janiye' (BKJ) quiz was held in 2018-19 and a new category of Foreign Nationals (FNs) was created to participate in the quiz. The BKJ Quiz was opened up to foreign participants as well because it was equally important to share India’s rising profile and stature with foreign youth as well. The 2nd edition of 'Bharat Ko Janiye' quiz saw participation of 50,000 participants in 2018-19.

3rd Edition of the BKJ Quiz

  1. Registrations from participants are invited for the 3rd edition of the Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz through the https://www.bharatkojaniye.in portal from young overseas Indians in two categories i.e. PIOs and NRIs as well as foreign nationals in 2020-21. The age group for participants is 18-35 years and the quiz portal has Mock Quiz questions and a Frequently Asked Questions section for all interested participants. Topics of the Quiz include – Indian Art, Indian Democracy, Economy, Geography, Personalities in Music and Dance, Science & Technology, Languages & Literature, Education, Tradition of Indian Crafts, Indian Cinema, and Renowned Personalities.

Structure of the BKJ Quiz

  1. The entire Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz will be organized in 4 rounds and all rounds will be conducted online on the ‘Bharat Ko Janiye’ Quiz website https://www.bharatkojaniye.in. The First round of quiz will be open from 1-30 November 2020. The top 3 winners in each category (NRIs, PIOs, Foreigners) from each country will be awarded Gold, Silver, Bronze medals and these country-level winners will move to the Second online round. The Second round will be open from 7-13 December 2020. The top 10 in each category (PIOs, NRIs, Foreigners) will be selected on the basis of marks secured and they will be invited to participate in the Third (Semi-final) round. The Third round will be open from 14-20 December 2020. The top 7 in each category (PIOs, NRIs, Foreigners) will be selected to participate in the Fourth (Final) round. The Final round will be held from 21-27 December 2020. The top 5 participants in each category will be declared winners, with the top 3 in each category receiving medals and next 2 in each category receiving consolation prizes. In case of a tie, the participants who have attempted all the questions, and who have finished in the shortest time frame (first-in-first-out) will be considered. The top 15 participants in the Final round will be invited (post Covid-19 phase) on a Bharat ko Janiye Darshan, a tour of India.


Useful links to the Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz

(i)        https://www.mea.gov.in/bkj.htm

(ii)       https://www.bharatkojaniye.in/abou

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