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Speech by Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj for Tree Plantation...
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Speech by Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj for Tree Plantation Event on World Environment Day on 5 June, 2019 at Kuensel Phodrang Park, Thimphu

Good morning Everybody. I would like to specially welcome Dasho Benji Dorji, Special Adviser to the National Environment Commission,  Dasho Kesang Wangdi, Cabinet Secretary,  Dasho Mr Nidhup Dorji, Vice Chancellor, The Royal University of Bhutan for being here today. 

Allow me to start by telling you a story. A long time ago, gravity assembled a small planet, amongst billions. This planet was a rarity: a planet unlike anything the Universe had seen in a long time, one where the hydrocarbons bonded together just in the right way and its distance from the galaxy’s central star was so perfect that the beautiful aberration of life began. Light and dust elegantly descended upon the deep blue oceans in the beginning. And when the first rain fell upon the new soil, trees climbed higher and higher into a boundless sky.

And ever so gingerly, the Earth soon found itself in a delicate balance of life. Where growth and destruction, creation and decay found themselves intertwined. Where fallen petals were the start of life anew.

Everyday, for the past 4.5 billion years, this magnificent, theatrical play of life and death undergoes, as leaves fall and flowers grow or as the lion feasts and the jungle starves.

Today is about honouring our planet, our environment and the exquisite story that is life, blooming for so many years.

We have gathered to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi by planting saplings to coincide with World Environment Day. Gandhi himself preached sustainable development, one of the greatest advocates for a greener future and for a balanced planet. Today we honour his wishes in efforts towards a brighter future.

Furthermore, it is with great respect that we thank the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest for providing us with these saplings and also the Kuensel Phodrang Park for planting them.

And lastly, with delight, we thank all the students, teachers and Nehru Wangchuck Cultural Centre volunteers for being here and propelling us forwards here today.

If you remember nothing from today, remember this: we explore the Universe everyday, yet so far, amongst all the stars and galaxies, we have not found life. And yes, there are a trillion more light years in the Universe left to discover, but amongst all our data, all our mathematics and calculation, we are a special oddity: a lone rock with an environment synchronized to perfection, of ideal beauty. To honour this brilliance, just as Gandhi himself preached, today, we will respect the home that is this planet.

From the soil to the water to the rain to the roots, I look forward to an enriching World Environment Day.

Thank you.

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