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Speech by Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj at Welcome Reception...
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Speech by Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj at Welcome Reception hosted by Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji on 17 May, 2019

And in all the chaos of life and the madness of existence, we sometimes find ourselves in silence. Amidst the frantic traveling and lost planes tickets, between the pages of perfected dossiers or the menus of working lunches, there comes a moment in every diplomat’s career where the sky outside the airplane’s window is seemingly infinite as they journey towards a new home.

And in that moment, you truly do feel more emotion than you thought yourself capable of. You don’t think you would come to love a temporary home as much as you do, you don’t think after being an Ambassador and dealing with some of the most trying situations, that you would feel fear towards a new home just as did when you were younger.

However, I have come to realize that this fear makes you a part of the privileged sort - this fear gives you strength and the greatest gift of all, passion. Passion to work harder each time, passion to show the world what you can be capable of, passion to bring peace, to grow, to honor the life that you have been given.

Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am deeply privileged to be here amidst you as Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of Bhutan. Today has been truly so special, I have had the honour to present my credentials to His Majesty the King as I represent, going forward, the voice of India in this uniquely beautiful country.

I have also had the privilege today to call on Prime Minister Dr. Lotay Tshering, for which I am indeed grateful.

It is no exaggeration when we say that India and Bhutan share extraordinary ties of friendship and cooperation. Marked by mutual understanding, goodwill and timeless respect, it is a partnership forged not only by our shared experiences but also by our civilizations growing together, overlapping in both history and culture, existing for thousands of years. And most importantly, at the heart of the India-Bhutan friendship is the belief that our future will only serve to embolden companionship.

Our time tested relations serve as an epitome of immaculate neighborly relations for the rest of the world.

Our bilateral ties have continuously maintained an upward growth trajectory and is a testimony to the wisdom and vision of the Druk Gyalpos of Bhutan and the successive Governments in India, who have imparted character, direction and substance to this relationship.

Both India and Bhutan have witnessed momentous changes and unprecedented economic growth and prosperity over the past five decades. Bhutan founded its constitution and ushered in a democratic constitutional monarchy under the guidance of Their Majesties, the Kings of Bhutan. The recently concluded third election in Bhutan is a testament to the strength of its democratic institutions, as they appear to scale greater heights everyday.

However, what sets Bhutan apart from the world is its unique development paradigm of simultaneous cultural and economic advancement. Embedded within the soil which covers this country and the souls of your people is a respect for nature unlike much the world has seen. Your beauty stems from your compassion: compassion for the blades of grass and roaming animals. A compassion greater than anything seen before, for the delicate balance of life, unbroken for billions of years on this Earth. And trust me, there is nothing more magnificent than this to behold. 

India, on the other hand, has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years: the world’s fastest growing major economy, a vibrant, and of course the world’s largest democracy, with a civilizational ethos that inspires and uplifts souls.

It has been India’s privilege to be a close partner of Bhutan in its nation building efforts and socio-economic transformation. Besides regular high-level political exchanges that have taken place between governments, we are now interacting closely at the level of Parliamentarians, constitutional institutions, civil society and the media, all of whom constitute important pillars in a democratic polity.      Today, the canvas of India-Bhutan relations illustrates almost all areas of human endeavor. Our robust development partnership has translated into a number of successful projects which continue to bring change to our countries and people.

And if we dare to gingerly peer into the future, we will see that what lies ahead is only boundless growth. In my tenure, I hope to meet new faces, new challenges, new fears, new successes. I look forward to words of passionate discourse and busy days, I await warm sunrises over the Himalayas, I eagerly anticipate all the knowledge I am to learn and the remarkable friendship we deepen as two countries.

Thank you! 

Tashi Delek!

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