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Please select the Residential district
  • The purpose of this form is only to collect information from Indian citizens who wish to return to India.
  • As and when a decision is taken regarding return to India, Embassy of India will make an announcement.
  • If you are with your family, this form is to be filled in by head of family. Please take care to add details of each family member who will return to India.
  • If details of family members (name, passport no, Voter's/Election Identity Card no. etc) are not added, only one person will be considered for return to India.
Full Name (as in Passport/Election Identity Card)
Father's name
Date of Birth (as in Passport/Aadhar Card/PAN Card)
Age (in years)
Contact mobile number (Bhutan)
E-mail address
Identity document
Passport No. or Election Identity Card no.
Purpose of stay in Bhutan
Do you have work permit of Bhutan
Specify Other Purpose of Stay
Name of Employer
Work permit no.
Expiry date of work permit


Current address in Bhutan
District in Bhutan
Reason for leaving Bhutan
Nearest landport for leaving Bhutan
Home State in India
Home City/Town in India
Full home address in India
Contact mobile number in India
Employer undertaking (Click here for sample form)
Work Permit
TWP (Covid-19) Card
Signed ‘Undertaking’ (Click here for sample form)
Health Declaration Form (Click here for sample form)
Copy of Identification document (Voter ID, Aadhaar, Passport, Birth Certificate etc)
Are you Covid Positive?
Yes No Test not Done
Are you staying with Family (Yes/No)
Yes No

Embassy of India
Thimphu, Bhutan

Sub: Consent Form for Repatriation from Bhutan

  1. I hereby confirm my willingness to return to India in accordance with the terms of the Embassy of India, Thimphu/Consulate General of India, Phuentsholing
  2. I confirm my readiness to follow all instructions given by the officials of the Government of India / Embassy of India / CGI personnel/ immigration & police authorities/medical personnel on arrival.
  3. I agree to undergo a minimum 14 - days mandatory quarantine (quarantine period may be more if decided by local authority) on my arrival in India at my own expense as per the protocols framed by the Government of India.
  4. I am willing to bear the cost of traveling back to India.

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